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Renee Novelle is a New York based thought leader and creative strategist that has achieved exceptional success in the areas of publishing, photography, design, public relations, marketing & social media strategy, performing arts and innovative outreach.

​Preceded by a family of successful creatives – including the Poet Laureate and best-selling, Pulitzer nominated author Jesse Stuart – she has enjoyed authoring more than 300 published articles, 11 books and ghosting many additional works for successful CEOs. In 2015 she created and launched the digital publication, beLegendary Magazine, that fitness enthusiasts across the world enjoyed. Between 2015-2017 she served as the Fashion Editor at TOTI Media.

As a photographer, her images have appeared in Forbes Magazine, Everyday Health Magazine, VoyageMIA, Belle the Magazine, Times of the Islands, Gulf & Main Magazine, Bonita & Estero Magazine, RSW Living, Cape Coral Living, eBella Magazine, Spotlight Magazine, Pulse Magazine, Face Magazine, Parent & Child Magazine, Florida Weekly, The List Magazine Long Island, Surreal Fit Magazine, Makeda Magazine & multiple news outlets - her work appearing on numerous covers. In addition to becoming an approved photographer with both Vie Model & Talent Agency and Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited, as well as an approved editor with Lotus Wedding Photography and a paid Shutterstock Contributor, she has provided product & commercial images for dozens of brands across industries. Select images are also listed with Saatchi Art, where she has sold multiple pieces.

With 10 years of experience behind her, she’s launched full-scale social media strategies and developed creative content that has elevated dozens of brands to a new level, gaining successful exposure to increase business objectives. She does this by creating and maintaining unique personalities, partnering with micro to celebrity influencers, cultivating a team of creative talent and leveraging well-placed digital ads to extend reach into new audiences. 

The culmination of these experiences has placed her in a valuable position to be of service to brands, publications and individuals on any creative endeavor. She injects each project she takes on with the utmost energy, passion and focus, while embracing innovative approaches to achieving each client’s unique goal. With Renee, you have a well-equipped partner working to make your vision come to life.


  • Social media management

  • Custom marketing strategies

  • Custom advertising strategies

  • Public relations/media outreach

  • Graphic design

  • Custom written content

  • Commercial photography

  • Creative direction/rebranding

  • Model/influencer casting

  • Website design


Past Projects

Past projects

Prominent brands that have featured her content &/or implemented her strategies include: 

Fitness & Gyms

Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, Powerhouse Gym Official, The Warhouse Gym, Montenari Bros Powerhouse Gym, Life Fitness, Pro-Fit Deer Park, Checkpoint Fit Box, Invictus Strength Systems, MODArts Dance Collective, Medwell Yoga Studio, Samavaya Yoga


East Main & Main, Rebbl, Sail Away Coffee, Bango Bowls, The Bagel Shop, Dutchess Cookies, Restoration Kitchen, Cloud 9 Cereal Bar, Whalers, The Refuge, Prime Huntington, Chunk Long Island, Palmer Vineyards, Venue Naples, Long Island Farm Brewery, Rolling Host LI



Lord Jones CBD, Coeur Organics, The Emerald Corp, Smack'd, NatureFine+, +Shrooms, Duos CBD, Heaven's Flower CBD, Seeds of Heaven, Silo Wellness, MarleyOne, Honeyroot Wellness, Flawless Wellness,



Allurez Jewelers, Scarlet Ocean Jewelry, Wedding Chicks, Vanson Leathers, Muscle Sport, Jed North Apparel, Lucky Leo Dancewear, Lea Marie Designs, Haven Collective Yoga

Sola Salon Studios (Corporate), Oscar Blandi Salon, Suretint Technologies, ABBA, Mop, Mia, Tek, E. Burnham, Elchim Turist



Tomani Realty

Carson Optics

Food & Restaurants
Health & CBD
Fashion & Jewelry
Beauty Industry
Real Estate
Healthcare & Medical Industry

Collier Child Care Resources, St. Catherine of Siena Hospital, Mercy Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, Radiology Regional Center,Lambda Physiques, Bethpage Physical Therapy Associates, Michael Read Massage, Arista Imaging, Catholic Health Services of Long Island, RestorixHealth, RWJ Barnabas Health, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton, Monmouth Medical Center, Brandywine Hospital, Jennersville Hospital, Springfield Hospital, Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Salem Medical Center, St. Joseph's Medical Center Yonkers, RWJ University Hospital New Brunswick, RWJ Barnabas Health Somerset, Community Medical Center, Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus, Monmouth Medical Center Main Campus, MAS Portable X-ray Imaging, American Cancer Society (Long Island branch), American Heart Association (Long Island branch)

ITZ MediaGroup, InTroublezone Productions, Forbes Magazine, Everyday Health Magazine, Newsday, VoyageMIA, Belle the Magazine, Times of the Islands, Gulf & Main Magazine, Bonita & Estero Magazine, RSW Living, Cape Coral Living, eBella Magazine, Spotlight Magazine, Pulse Magazine, Face Magazine, Parent & Child Magazine, Florida Weekly, The List Magazine Long Island, Surreal Fit Magazine, Makeda Magazine

Saatchi, Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited, Etsy, Exit One Solutions, Ever Heart Media, Sunshine Reads

FD Photo Studio - New York, Lotus Wedding Photography


Lavender on the Bay, Silo Wellness, Island Village Jamaica, Waterdrinker Family Farm

Media & Magazines
Studios & Photography
Destinations & Travel

Published Works

Not a complete list. Please visit the Clips page for samples, or contact me directly. 

Published Works

11 Ways a Book Can Benefit Your Business

50 Fitness Myths - Don't Believe All the Hype

The Boyfriend List

The Perfect Boyfriend




Paradise Coast

Dance with Me




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May 2023: May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Mas Imaging

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March 2023: March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Mas Imaging

December 2022: Portable Radiology Facts vs Fiction, Mas Imaging

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June 2022: Men's Health Awareness Topic: Prostate Cancer, Mas Imaging 

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February 2017: Influential Women Leaders - Dr. Mary Kay Peterson & Dr. Margaret Taha, eBella Magazine

Jan/Feb 2017: Trending Now - Fashion Clubs (COVER MENTION), TOTI Media Inc

Jan/Feb 2017: Calendar Girls - Empowering the community and each other, TOTI Media Inc

Nov/Dec 2016: Holiday Glamour - Exquisite Seasonal Couture (COVER STORY), TOTI Media Inc

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February 2016: Ultrafast CT Screening of the Heart, Southwest Florida's Health & Wellness Magazine

Jan/Feb 2016: Amour Tour - South Florida's Key West perfect Valentine's Day getaway (COVER MENTION), TOTI Media Inc

September 2015: Ultrafast CT Lung Screening Frequently Asked Questions, Southwest Florida's Health & Wellness Magazine

Sept/Oct 2015: Photo Finish, TOTI Media Inc 

Sept/Oct 2015: A Perfect Fit at Remy’s Tailor, TOTI Media Inc

August 2015: Lifestyle Reboot, beLegendary Magazine

August 2015: A Mother’s Love - IFBB Pro Audrey Presson balances the demands of her competition career with those of her special needs daughter, beLegendary Magazine

July 2015: Undeterred Destiny - IFBB Pro Skip Robinson wins Pro card after 10 year hiatus, beLegendary Magazine 

July 2015: General Mills to Adopt “Five Freedoms” Policy, beLegendary Magazine 

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May/June 2015: Wedding Venues (Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina, Diamond Head Beach Resort & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Naples), TOTI Media Inc

May 2015: 8 Prep-Cooking Tips, beLegendary Magazine

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March/April 2009 Edition: 10 Easy Ways to Go Green in Naples

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November 2008 : Land Your First Job: Resume & Interview Tips for Teens, College Bound Network

September 2008: 10 Life Lessons as Taught by a Cat, College Bound Network

2003 Spring Print & Website: Exercise Your Way Through College, College Bound Network

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